Swing Set Materials

Your kids are the most important persons in the world to you, no question about it. In order for them to have fun and encourage physical as well as social emotional development, you invest a lot of money in a swing set or play set in order to meet those needs. We need not tell you that children will spend literally hundreds of hours on these sets over time, therefore some thought should be put into making sure that they are using a set that will not cause any harm and will maximize the fun that they will have using these units.

The type of structure that you choose will determine how much post-installation maintenance will be needed to ensure that the unit remains safe for kids and will last for a long time, making your investment a worthwhile one. Let’s look at some of the materials used to make swing and play sets.


Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for swing sets. The lumber used is most likely treated, which slows down the process of decay and also eliminates the chances that the wood will become infested by some type of pest – for example, termites. The benefit that wood offers is that swing sets are usually placed in a backyard or park, so it gives the feeling of being one with the environment, blending in rather than sticking out. The downside is that, treated or not, wood needs a fair amount of maintenance to keep it up to standard; for instance it needs to be regularly stained or painted from time to time and it needs to be regularly checked for splinters or any other type of damage.


Many swing sets come with metal frames and hardware. This is a very cost effective medium and the sets are usually easier to install, in general. The seats, though, are usually made of vinyl or rubber. Its easily maintained, as you just check for any rusting problems and make sure that the coating is intact; if not, it is not an expensive undertaking to put on a coat of paint. The drawback with metal swings is that they usually have to be anchored into the ground by digging holes of a few feet deep for the legs and securing them with cement. While this makes the swing very sturdy, if you need to relocate it for any reason, it is difficult to do so.


All vinyl swing sets are gaining in popularity because of its durability and the low maintenance needed for these types of structures. Compared to other units, they are also proving to last much longer in their original state, needing little work to keep them looking as good as new. You only have to clean the unit a few times per year. The only drawback with vinyl sets is the cost. They are very costly when compared to other types of swing sets and the initial outlay is quite expensive. However, if you do a cost benefit analysis you will see that it more than pays for itself over time.