Installing Your Swing Set

If you are thinking of buying a swing set or play set for your children, one of the concerns that you will have is how will you get it up and running? How is it going to be assembled? Most sets these days are sold as ready-to-assemble units, with all parts pre-cut and all the necessary hardware included. You simply have to have the time and the inclination to put together the swing set. For others, this is not an option as you don’t consider yourself to be “handy” and you really do not have the time to assemble the unit. In cases like these, you can obtain the services of a professional or a professional firm to do the installation for you.

Do It Yourself

Realistically, a swing set or play set can take anywhere from several days to several weeks to assemble, depending on the size of the unit and the complexity of the features it carries. With this in mind, if you decide that you want to undertake this project there are a few guidelines that, if followed, should make the process easier.

Get a Team Together

Trust us, there is no virtue in saying “I did this all by myself!” Most of us will get frustrated halfway through the project and it may never get completed, or you relent and get the services of a professional installer. We suggest that you get a team of a few friends or family together and approach this as a weekend project. Have food and refreshment to maximize the time spent on the project.

Map Out The Area For Swing Placement

Nothing is worse than beginning assembly only to realize half way through that it’s too close to existing structures, or that the area is not level, therefore the swing will not be safe there. Map out and mark the outer measurements of the swing on the ground prior to beginning the assembly so you will have an idea of the boundaries of the finished unit.

Sorting Hardware & Wood/Plastic Pieces

Before you begin, spend some time carefully sorting the pieces that came in the box. Sets can come with thousands (literally) of pieces so you need to group them before you being. If you don’t do this, you will significantly lengthen the time spent during assembly by searching for individual pieces and not being able to locate them easily.

Minimize Heavy Lifting

Know that the boxes that contain the swing set will be very heavy. With that knowledge, the delivery company will probably want to offload the boxes at the first place convenient to them, but alas, not convenient to you. Before their arrival, know exactly where you need to have the set delivered to minimize the need for you and your team to move the heavy boxes – have the delivery company place them where you need them.

Get a Professional Firm

You may not have the time to assemble the unit andmight prefer to have someone do it for you. There are several firms that offer this service. Do some research as to the cost of their work, their reputation for good service, and their average time to deliver. Then select the one that best suits your needs.