Buying Guide


Buying Guide for Swing Sets

As the warmer months approach, it is usually the time that parents focus on getting a swing set for their children, which is understandable as they want to maximize on the warm weather that seems to go away far quicker than it took to arrive. However, while it’s understandable that you will want to get a swing set as soon as you can, it is advisable that you take some time refine your needs and look at all the options that may be available. By considering the following points, you may enjoy years of use.

Timing the Purchase

While you may be most motivated to purchase a swing set in early spring, this is the time when they cost the most because of the high demand. If possible you should purchase the unit close at the end of the season to benefit from far lower prices. You will not get much use from the set before the colder weather sets in but you will be able to enjoy the unit as soon as the snow thaws the following year. The price differential makes the planning and sacrifices worth it.

Length of Use

Before buying, consider the age of your children now and how much longer you anticipate that they will be using the swing. For instance, if you have very small children, it is probably advisable to buy a swing that will take them out of childhood rather than one that you will need to change by the time they get to be three or four years old. Understand, though, that if you are buying a slightly larger swing set for a very small child, they will need your undivided attention while on the swing, and there may be sections that they will not be able to use for a year or two.

Available Space

Unless you have a very expansive backyard in which there is no way that a swing set could not fit in it, it’s prudent to know how much space you have for a swing set. When determining the space available, remember that a swing set needs a six foot clearance on each side in order to be safely installed and used. This will guide the size of the unit that you purchase and save installation headaches or wasted investment.

Swing Types and Construction Material

Once you know the size of the swing you will be able to accommodate relative to the space that you have, you can give some consideration to the type of unit that you want to purchase. There are units that have only the swings, while others have various other types of features such as slides, gliders, and see saws. Carefully consider the unit you believe would be the best for your child.

Some thought should also go into the type of material that you prefer, and what would suit your needs. For instance, while wooden units are very popular and fit nicely into an outdoor environment, they do require a bit of maintenance. If you have a problem staining or refinishing the unit from time to time, you should look at other types of construction materials such as metal or vinyl.